Friday, 15 January 2010

Winter Water Coolers!

Well that's the festivities over and many of us now thinking of loosing those few pounds we've put on!
It's always an inspiring time of year as we seem to have yet another chance to implement the ideas that we know will help make our lives better.

A recent survey published in a national magazine showed that among the top 5 most popular New Year's resolutions were that many want to get fit, loose weight and drink more water.

LET US HELP! Give us a call and we will come and install one of our smart Water Coolers into your office, work place or home - it is medically recommended that we drink 2 litres of water per day and more if doing high energy sport that has resulted in water loss through sweating.

Our customers find that drinking water little and often throughout the day at work stops them feeling tired and lethargic and helps them think clearly, improving productivity.

Fionnar is recorded as being one of the '100 purest waters' in the world - and it's here on your doorstep - (well up in the mountains actually!) above Loch Ness. We can bottle it and deliver it to you so just call us on 01456 460915, email or check out new website

The team here at Fionnar would like to wish you all the best with you're New Year resolutions throughout 2010.